3 Negotiation Tips For Home Buyers

3 Negotiation Tips For Home Buyers

Here are 3 essential tips for you to get the best deal:

Get your finances in order

When buying real estate it’s better to be safe than sorry your offer is much less persuasive if it doesn’t include a mortgage pre-approval. You can get this from your bank.

Base your offer on the home value, not the list price.

The recent sales in the neighbourhood give you ammunition and information. If a home is priced at or below market value, you’re unlikely to get it for less. If it is priced above market value and has been on the market for a while, a lower offer accompanied by a market analysis may get you the home. This is where a good agent can be invaluable.

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Expect to compromise

No matter your price range, you won’t find a perfect house. You’re likely to have to compromise on features and probably even on the big three: price, size or location. Enter your negotiations prepared to compromise, and you’ll be a step ahead.

Hopefully these 3 Negotiation Tips For Home Buyers will help you in getting your perfect home. 

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