Nairobi: the region’s most dynamic city

Nairobi was ranked the most preferred innovation hub in Africa with growth in capital from $400 Million in 2015 to $ 2 Billion in 2019.

Additionally, it’s a magnet for foreign investors and multinational companies that view the city as the ideal location from which to serve markets across the East African region.

Why Invest In Nairobi

Active Construction Sector and Heavy Spend in Infrastructure Projects

In 2021, Kenya’s building and construction industry will be well developed with quality engineering, building, and architectural design services.

The population in Nairobi is fast growing and the demand for luxurious apartments is increasingly high. There are vast opportunities in the industry through the construction of residential buildings. The most appealing factors that make Nairobi’s upmarket areas ideal for real estate investors are:

•            Heavy government investment in infrastructure

•            Urbanization

•            Rising demand

•            Conducive regulatory environment

Strategic Location

Nairobi is the leading economy in East Africa. Moreover, Kenya’s well-developed business infrastructure makes it a natural choice for investors. It is a regional hub for most international firms.

Nairobi is also a major transport hub in East Africa with Connections from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to Major Destinations around the world.

Sustained Economic Growth

Significant political and economic reforms have contributed to sustained economic growth, social development and political stability over the past decade.

Over the past 5 years, Kenya’s economic growth averaged 5.7%, making it one of the fastest growing economies in Sub-Saharan Africa. The performance of the economy has been boosted by a stable macroeconomic environment, positive investor confidence and a resilient services sector.

Political Stability

Kenya is a multi-party Democracy under a sitting President. She ushered in a new political and economic governance system in 2010 after the passage of a new constitution. This introduced a devolved county governance, a constitutionally tenured judiciary and electoral body as well as a well-structured bicameral legislative house. The Kenyan elections are held every 5 years and these have significantly improved as the leaders and voters have become more peaceful and mature over the years. There are also new ways of embracing defeat such as going to Court for judge rulings and as well by-elections in case of electoral disputes.

Positive Investor Sentiment

Kenya boasts of the strongest investment climate in the EAC with FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) attributed to injection from developed and emerging markets. There is also a high volume of multinational companies headquartered and sub-regioned in the country.

Nairobi remains a top destination for international investors in the Eastern Africa Region and ranked Nairobi as the most attractive African city for FDI and real estate investment.


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